Our work has been published in various
books, magazines and newspapers


2 Colors: Low Budget, High Impact
Paperback 288 pages (April 2009)
Publisher: Maomao Publications / Page One Publishing
ISBN: 9789812456571

Creators Self-Promotion: In-house Graphics
Paperback 160 pages (January 2009)
Publisher: Pie-Books
ISBN: 9784894446991

Art Directors Annual 87
Hardcover 464 pages (January 2009)
Publisher: Rotovision
ISBN: 9782888930228

Color in Graphics
Hardcover 242 pages (December 2008)
Publisher: Page One / Maomao
ISBN: 9789812456632

Post Card
Hardcover 224 pages (September 2008)
Publisher: Laurence King
ISBN: 1856695697

Creative Card Design: Promotional Greetings
Hardcover 160 pages (August 2008)
Publisher: Pie Books
ISBN: 9784894446779

Material, Process, Print
Paperback 208 pages (October 2007)
Publisher: Laurence King
ISBN: 1856695107

D&AD Annual 2007
Hardcover 600 pages (August 2007)
Publisher: D&AD
ISBN: 0954278445

The Layout Look Book
Hardcover 265 pages (April 2007)
Publisher: Collins
ISBN: 0061149756

Zoom In Zoom Out
Paperback 288 pages (December 2006)
Publisher: Victionary
ISBN: 9889822814

Tres Logos
Hardback 508 pages (December 2006)
Publisher: Gestalten Verlag
ISBN: 3899551575

Hardback 208 pages (September 2006)
Publisher: Gestalten Verlag
ISBN: 978-3-89955-097-9

Play Loud!
Paperback 140 pages (April 2006)
Publisher: Gestalten Verlag
ISBN: 3899551583

World Business Cards Today
Paperback 208 pages (February 2006)
Publisher: Pie Books
ISBN: 489444468

Authors: Robert Klanten, Michael Mischler,
Boris Brumnjak
Paperback 240 pages (January 2006)
Publisher: Gestalten Verlag
ISBN: 3899550870

D&AD Annual 2005
Hardcover 600 pages (August 2005)
Publisher: D&AD
ISBN: 0954278445

Problem Solved:
A Primer in Design and Communication
Author: Michael Johnson
Paperback 288 pages (August 2004)
Publisher: Phaidon Press
ISBN: 0714844535

Business Cards: The Art of Saying Hello
Authors: Michael S. Dorrian, Liz Farrelly
Paperback 272 pages (November 2004)
Publisher: Laurence King Publishing
ISBN: 1856693864

Amatterofdesign: It’s a matter of Promotion
Hardback 184 pages (March 2004)
Publisher: Victionary
ISBN 9628650440

100 best Posters 2002
Hardback 212 pages (June 2003)
Publisher: Schmidt, Mainz
ISBN: 9783874396295

100 best Posters 2001
Hardback 180 pages (June 2002)
Publisher: Schmidt, Mainz
ISBN: 9783874396080

Insight: A Guide to Design with Low Vision in Mind
Authors: Michael Evamy, Lucienne Roberts
Hardback 304 pages (November 2003)
Publisher: RotoVision
ISBN: 2880466989

What Is Graphic Design?
Author: Quentin Newark
Hardback 256 pages (September, 2002)
Publisher: RotoVision
ISBN: 2880465397

GB: Graphic Britain
Author: Patrick Burgoyne
Paperback 208 pages (November 11, 2002)
Publisher: Laurence King Publishing
ISBN: 1856693112

Restart: New Systems in Graphic Design
Authors: Christian Kusters, Emily King
Paperback 176 pages (October 15, 2001)
Publisher: Thames and Hudson Ltd
ISBN: 0500282978


Baseline (UK)
Blueprint (UK)
Creative Review (UK)
DB Mobil (D)
Design Report (D)
Design Week (UK)
Eye Magazine (UK)
Graphics International (UK)
Horizont (D)
ish Magazine (Singapore)
Idea Magazine (Japan)
Lift Stuttgart (D)
Novum (D)
Page (D)
Print Magazine (USA)
Der Spiegel (D)
Spiegel Online (D)
W&V (D)


The Independent (UK)
Daily Telepgraph (UK)
The Guardian (UK)
Stuttgarter Zeitung (D)
Suddeutsche Zeitung (D)
The Times (UK)
Die Welt (D)
Welt am Sonntag (D)


BBC World Service (UK)
BBC London Radio (UK)
Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk MDR (D)


Deutsche Welle (EU)
Sky Sports (UK)

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